What is Adult Day Services?

In Adult Day Services, participants look forward to connecting with their friends in meaningful conversations and guided activities.  Our supervised environment supports a feeling of independence and self-determination while protecting against hazards of solitude: falls, loneliness, missed medications, wandering, inadequate meals, toileting mishaps, or utility/appliance dangers.  Whether for caregiver respite or for routine interaction, Just Friends has a daytime solution for you or your loved-one.

Our caring and engaged staff takes seriously the comfort and happiness of each participant, learning their preferences, and contouring activities to match participants’ skill levels.  A licensed nurse is always present, supervising chronic or acute symptoms which may arise and require immediate attention.  Every participant has a plan of care which includes medical and social goals, improving life quality.

Just Friends’ goal is to provide participants an energetic and active environment to match their capabilities.  This guilt-free option supports for family and friends who know their loved ones respond best to familiarity and routine.

Ask your VA case manager about no-cost Adult Day Services for U.S. military veterans.

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