Mission Statement

It is the mission of Just Friends Adult Day Services to provide an engaging and safe place that enhances dignity, uniqueness, and independence for adults who are aging or differently abled.

Vision Statement

Our Vision: Providing an enriched quality of life while aging.

Core Values

These values guide our actions:


Friendship—recognize and build on the unique qualities of every person as the starting point for relationships and encourage participants to form new and ongoing friendships.

Respect—treat everyone with respect –avoid detractors that undermine respectful interactions.

Inspire Hope—focus on the fact that each person has many things to look forward to every day.

Engagement— active involvement and engagement is a sign of well-being.  We offer opportunities for every person to interact with the environment and others in meaningful and stimulating ways.

INdependence—encourage the individual to do as much as they can; meet them where they are.

Dignity— always choose truthfulness and interactions that reinforce the individual’s dignity.

Social Confidence and Self-worth—provide activities, roles and responsibilities that complement a person’s self-worth and increase social confidence.  Create environments and situations with the expectation that each person can interact positively with others.

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