Direct Service Workforce Grant

The Indiana Family and Social Security Administration (FSSA) is providing a grant to support our direct service workforce (Care Specialists, Nurses, and their supervisors).

We will use the funding to:

  • Provide a higher wage. As a part of our long-term strategy to retain our exemplary employees, we will increase hourly wages. We will dedicate 89% of the grant amount towards this activity. The hourly wage increase will be issued based on a January 30, 2023 start cycle.
  • Provide wellness opportunities. As a part of our long-term strategy to retain exemplary employees, we will dedicate 11% to optional wellness activities. Just Friends will partner with local wellness companies to provide optional services to Direct Care Workers. This includes physical therapy, licensed mental health care, and once-a-month staff lunches.

Our goal is to use the funding as soon as possible to support our workforce. We aim to spend all funding by October 30, 2023. Please reach out to Jayme Zobrist, Executive Director, with any questions.